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Grade: 2

Kindness: Mr. Indifferent

Instructions: After watching the video, engage in the explanation game: Why is Mr. Indifferent showing kindness to others? Why did it happen that way? 

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Inclusion: A Lesson in Courage

Instructions: After watching the video clip, engage in the step inside activity. What does Spencer know about, understand, or believe? What might Spencer care about or wish would happen?

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Diversity: Hotel With a Heart

Instructions: After watching the clip, engage in a class conversation asking the questions what do you notice? What do you wonder? What are the benefits for employees? What are the

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Diversity: Ketan’s Story

After watching the video think about, and share on, the following: What do you see? What do you think about that? What does it make you wonder?

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Environmental Stewardship Lesson Plans

Environmental themed lesson plans (k-12) to promote personal and social responsibility Earth Week lesson ideas Pedagogical resources for transforming classes into eco-classrooms Lessons around reducing food waste Climate change lesson

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Zero Waste and Circular Economies

What can and can’t be recycled in BC? Circular Economies Educational Information Tips for Going Zero Waste How to Run a Waste Audit at Your School Understanding Zero Waste According

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Choral Counting

Choral counting is intended to support students in making sense of increasing and decreasing patterns in cardinal numbers. The teacher leads children to count aloud together by a given number.

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Reporting Student Progress – K-7

Support document for reporting at Elementary including documentation on the Electronic Report Card system. Communicating Student Learning Guidelines Behaviours for Success – Google Doc Summary of Learning Teacher Support Document

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6+1 Traits of Writing By: Ruth Culham

The Traits Writing™ program is organized as a spiraled sequence of the traits that align with the BC performance standards. Key qualities define the traits in detail and give you concrete

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The Daily 5

Daily 5 is a literacy framework that instills behaviors of independence, creates a classroom of highly engaged readers, writers, and learners, and provides teachers with the time and structure to meet

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E-class user guide Edudata user guide Principal Edudata user guide Teacher

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Alpin 2e année

Évaluation formative en lecture pour la deuxième année en immersion française. Alpin 2 Directives Alpin 2 Cartes A-E Alpin 2 Évaluation Alpin 2 Récapitulatif

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