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The Event

To celebrate and to wrap the event, Nacu mat Tatulat invites you to an interpretive walk through Wildwood ecoforrest with Dr. Nancy Turner as your guide.

October 3 from 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Wildwood Ecoforrest
2929 Crane Road Ladysmith BC

Sign up

Sign up early! Capacity capped to 50 attendees

Reserve your place here!

Getting to the Event

Wildwood has limited parking, please carpool to the event if you’re signing up with a colleague. Unsure who else from your location is attending? Email to ask if any others from your location are also attending so you can arrange to go together.

Anyone who wants to carpool can also do the following:

  • Meet at the Northfield / Parkway parking lot at 3pm
  • Stand by the wooden eagle to identify yourself
  • Group together and drive to Wildwood

At the Event

  • Wildwood staff will greet you. They wear navy blue vests with Wildwood’s logo.
  • Please arrive ahead of time to settle in around the fire pit before the 3:30 start time.
  • Parking is clearly marked, just inside the gate.
  • Accessible parking by the fire pit is available, let a Wildwood staff member know upon arrival.
  • Once parked, staff will direct you to a short, flat walk to gather around the fire pit
  • Dress for the weather. If it has rained the trails may be mucky.
  • Please bring a water bottle and coffee mug with you.
  • Light snacks/refreshments available.

Shape of the Event

  • We will begin at 3:30 pm gathered around the fire for the opening welcome by Squtwxulenuxw, George Seymour, Syeyutsus Knowledge Keeper
  • Two options will be available to attendees:
    • Guided 60 minute walk through the forest with Dr. Turner & a Wildwood Naturalists
    • Remain seated around the fire and listen to stories from the Land by Squtwxulenuxw, George Seymour
  • Event ends at 5pm back at the fire pit.