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Resource Type: Learning Activity

Le goût de la science

Situations d’apprentissage en science et technologie pour stimuler le questionnement et l’observation, initier à la cueillette de données et guider l’exploration. Zoom sur la Terre et l’Espace Zoom sur l’univers

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N’oublie pas les Métis

Cette exposition présente des sujets inspirés de l’expérience vécue des Survivants des pensionnats indiens. Ces thèmes peuvent être bouleversants pour certains visiteurs. Pour obtenir plus d’information au sujet de cette

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This website is a joint project of the Métis Nation British Columbia and the Métis Youth British Columbia. It was created with funding from the Canadian Culture On-Line Project, a

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First Nations Journeys of Justice

Foundations of a justice curriculum – Building Bridges of Understanding Between Nations With the vision of building bridges between the First Nations and Canadian systems of law, First Nations Journeys

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PRIDE Month Learning Module (Secondary)

June is Pride month.  The following learning module has been created with the intention: i) to continue building knowledge and understanding of Pride,  ii) to understand the significance of Pride

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Kindness: Mr. Indifferent

Instructions: After watching the video, engage in the explanation game: Why is Mr. Indifferent showing kindness to others? Why did it happen that way? 

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Inclusion: A Lesson in Courage

Instructions: After watching the video clip, engage in the step inside activity. What does Spencer know about, understand, or believe? What might Spencer care about or wish would happen?

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Diversity: Hotel With a Heart

Instructions: After watching the clip, engage in a class conversation asking the questions what do you notice? What do you wonder? What are the benefits for employees? What are the

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Diversity: Ketan’s Story

After watching the video think about, and share on, the following: What do you see? What do you think about that? What does it make you wonder?

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Environmental Stewardship Lesson Plans

Environmental themed lesson plans (k-12) to promote personal and social responsibility Earth Week lesson ideas Pedagogical resources for transforming classes into eco-classrooms Lessons around reducing food waste Climate change lesson

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Zero Waste and Circular Economies

What can and can’t be recycled in BC? Circular Economies Educational Information Tips for Going Zero Waste How to Run a Waste Audit at Your School Understanding Zero Waste According

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