The NLPS Learning Framework provides a road map for the entire NLPS educational community, where student learning is at the centre. It delivers learning objectives that are specific, tangible, measurable and are aligned to the NLPS strategic goals that guide our collective efforts.


How does it align?

Educators in the district informed the framework; The framework informs our schools plans and School plans inform individual professional learning.


How were the Learning Objectives selected?

The NLPS Learning Framework and learning objectives were developed through multi-stakeholder collaboration that included teachers, administrators, unions and the Department of Learning Services) and research conducted over the past several years.

Multiple data points were used to inform the framework including:

  • NLPS Strategic Plan
  • Response To Intervention Framework (RTI) 2012 – ongoing
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC) 2013 – ongoing
  • Learning Enhancement Plan (5 pillars) 2013
  • Feedback from E23 participants 2013-2015
  • Survey feedback around learning support model 2014-2015
  • District Wide Visioning Sessions Spring 2015
    • Educators Visioning Day
      • Over 500 educators from 4 high-schools and 20 elementary schools participated
    • Principal & Vice Principal Visioning Day
    • Department of Learning Services Visioning
  • Nacu mat Tatulut established 2014 (joint pro-d committee)
  • BC Ed Plan
  • New BC Curriculum