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Home / Taking Math Outside

Taking Math Outside

Planning for a rich educational experience for our students can be challenging while our students are learning at home.  There are many tools that are available to create a meaningful learning experience and you may find yourself leaning towards online programs for your lesson delivery.  While much of our students time may be spent inside, why not try and utilize place based learning and encourage our students to get outside.  Not only will it be engaging, but will also improve our students mental health.  Some of the ways that we could get our students outside may include: 
  • Use sidewalk chalk – This could be for counting to calculus!
  • Count objects in your yard and then use natural objects to show their thinking (make numbers using sticks)
  • Create patterns using rocks or other objects. For higher grades, create t -table and graph the pattern.
  • Observe nature – It is a beautiful time of year to observe and measure changes in nature. Then report and graph the data.
  • Use nature to make fractional representations and create equations.
  • List Item
Get your students to take pictures of their outside learning adventures and add them to their portfolios!   These are just a few examples of how we can get our students outside, be creative and have some fun!  If you are looking for more ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me!  

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