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Home / Jacquie Helped me Make it Visual!

Jacquie Helped me Make it Visual!

A Tale Gathered In the Field

Visuals have amazing powers. They are HANDS DOWN the best scaffold we can give our students to improve their ability to comprehend. In fact, Shelley Moore has been devoting a good portion of her 5 Moore Minutes Special Edition: Home Learning on the topic of visuals and their importance. Adding visuals to online learning is a way to motivate and engage ALL learners. 

On Twitter I began to see examples of “Virtual Classrooms” pop up everywhere! Twitter friends in my ELL Professional Learning Network were sharing interactive, highly visual virtual classrooms by using Google Slides featuring personalized Bitmojis! 

I am not the most tech savvy individual, but when something looks so cool and inviting, I have to try to figure it out. Thankfully, the amazing Jacquie Davidson presented a session on using Google Slides to build interactive weekly activities! She shared some of the work she and her colleagues at Forest Park have been creating. With a little help from her tutorial and some trial and error, I created my first attempt!

The books on the shelf connect to YouTube read alouds. The coffee cup is the latest podcast I listened to. The fruit bowl connects you to a Google Form for a 3-2-1 Strategy exit slip! If you click on my Bitmoji you will get my latest ELL memo. There are endless possibilities to suit your learner’s needs!  Check out Jacquie’s COL session, and her Google Slides

Thank you for all you are doing to help NLPS Jacquie!!

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