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Resource Type: Planning Document

Le goût de la science

Situations d’apprentissage en science et technologie pour stimuler le questionnement et l’observation, initier à la cueillette de données et guider l’exploration. Zoom sur la Terre et l’Espace Zoom sur l’univers

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ADST grade 9

Drafting Electronics and Robotics Entrepreneurship and Marketing Food Studies Information and Communication Technologies Media Arts Metal Work Power Technology Textiles Woodwork  

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PRIDE Month Learning Module (Secondary)

June is Pride month.  The following learning module has been created with the intention: i) to continue building knowledge and understanding of Pride,  ii) to understand the significance of Pride

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Diversity: Hotel With a Heart

Instructions: After watching the clip, engage in a class conversation asking the questions what do you notice? What do you wonder? What are the benefits for employees? What are the

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Diversity: Ketan’s Story

After watching the video think about, and share on, the following: What do you see? What do you think about that? What does it make you wonder?

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Environmental Stewardship Lesson Plans

Environmental themed lesson plans (k-12) to promote personal and social responsibility Earth Week lesson ideas Pedagogical resources for transforming classes into eco-classrooms Lessons around reducing food waste Climate change lesson

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Zero Waste and Circular Economies

What can and can’t be recycled in BC? Circular Economies Educational Information Tips for Going Zero Waste How to Run a Waste Audit at Your School Understanding Zero Waste According

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Read&Write guide

Learn how to get started with Read&Write for Google, access resources and strategies to embed RW in your learning activities, and find out the steps to use it with PDF

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PLC Planning Documents

Use these templates to help make plans for PLCs over the school year in Elementary Schools Planning for PLCs Template – .pdf Planning for PLCs Template – .word Planning for

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Building Norms for PLCs

Activities to support staff in building team norms during PLC How to Build Norms – Information Package Norms Activity – Brainstorm List NLPS Developing Norms of Collaboration  

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