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Home / Playful, Meaningful and No-Tech Reading Activities for K-2

Playful, Meaningful and No-Tech Reading Activities for K-2

On March, Friday 13th, we all left our schools anticipating a two-week spring break of rest and rejuvenation with the understanding we would return to the same school on March 30th.

Within a matter of days, all our spring breaks turned dramatically into a long game of hide with no seek.  This new way of life has made me ask questions of myself.

Like…what do I really know?  Well, I know that our students, families, and especially teachers are resilient. 

What do I not know… yet?  What this new version of school will actually look like, sound and feel like. 

What I do know for sure, is that we cannot do it alone.  If there was ever a time to embrace collaboration, it is now. You know what I am talking about:  when you see someone doing something great, and you wish you thought of it, but instead you compliment them and plead for permission to use it yourself.

These ideas, previously shared by other educators, are playful, meaningful and no-tech ways to encourage reading skills at home. If you are interested in sharing your own ideas, please email me!

# 1 Inside - Letter Sound Recognition

  1. Student creates individual letter cards or used letter tiles/magnets
  2. Organizes letters in alphabetic order
  3. Then finds an object for each initial letter sound and says it aloud
  4. Could change the task and focus on final sound of each letter.

#2 Outside - Letter/Sight Word Recognition

  1. Student creates letters with chalk or outside objects such as sticks and rocks
  2. Organizes letters in alphabetic order, or make sight words with an object for each initial letter sound
Playful Reading 2
Playful Reading 3

#3 Reading & Moving

  1. Student writes out sight words of the week (inside on stairs, outside with chalk)
  2. Then put them places that encourage movement to read and or spell aloud

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