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Home / Happy Educator Appreciation Week

Happy Educator Appreciation Week

Now, more than ever, we can see the impact that educators have on the lives of their students and their families. This week we want to celebrate all of you!

We know that this job is challenging in the best of times, and these are definitely not the best of times. We want you to know we see you and all you are doing. We see you learning new technologies you never thought you would learn. We see you making phone calls, sending text messages, writing long detailed emails, creating websites, and generally responding to family needs at any hour of the day. We see you making school videos, acting silly to make your students smile and stepping outside your comfort zone.  We see you asking for support and connecting more with one another.  We see you worrying about your students that you have not heard from. We see you reaching out, but at the same time trying not to overwhelm your families. We see you checking in on your students’ mental well-being. We see you changing your plans to accommodate the ever-changing context. We see you creating new ways of presenting learning opportunities. We see you re-thinking “the way we have always done things”. For all this, and so much more, a big thank you to all NLPS Educators from the Learning Coordinators.

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