Welcome! – nuw̓ílum

nuw̓ílum siyéy̓u,

e:nthu K̓wek̓wt̓un̓

I’m glad you could join me on my weekly adventures. Every week I will be going on an adventure looking for interesting things and learning new words in  hul̓q̓umín̓um. 

This week I am excited to tell you about my latest adventure. Guess what? I’m in a book! The book is written in hul̓q̓umín̓um̓ and follows me on my search looking for spe:nxw. You can read the book online here.

nuw̓ílum – welcome
siyéy̓u – friends/relatives
e:nthu – I am 
k̓wek̓wt̓un̓ – little mouse
spe:nxw – blue camas