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Educational Technology in NLPS

In NLPS, we believe that Ed Tech (applications, extensions, devices, softwares…) should be used in classrooms and in schools to:
  • Enhance educational practices and learning
  • Differentiate for all
  • Allow for teacher innovation
  • Ensure that access is responsive to students’ needs
  • Educate students to become informed and reflective digital citizens.
In NLPS, students are welcomed to use their own device under the supervision of a teacher or in a pre-arranged setting.

EdTech kits

Have a look at the district kits available to bring coding and ADST to life in your class.

Interested in borrowing a kit? Here is the link to sign one out for the 2023/2024 school year.

Please note, a separate Google Form will need to be completed for each different item being requested. Due to the demand, each teacher will be able to sign out only one kit at a time and a maximum of 2 kits during the school year. If you request more, you will be put on a waitlist and will be notified if the extra item you’ve requested is available 2 weeks before the loan period. If you need more than 2 kits (if you are a Teacher Librarian for example), please fill the Google Forms and contact us.

Using Ed Tech Safely in the Classroom

In NLPS, we are obligated to follow the terms outlined by FOIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act).  Many online applications and extensions involve the exchange of personal information such as, (but is not limited to):

  • Students’ full name, birthdate, location, email address
  • Parent email address
  • Images, video or audio collected in student work

In order to make technology use easier and safer for teachers, learning coordinators, in collaboration with IT and the Privacy Officer have vetted apps for privacy.  These websites, apps and extensions for Chromebooks and PCs have been organized into two categories:

  • Parental consent required through NLPS bundle
  • Parent consent not required
View the complete list of approved web applications here or select the Approved Web Applications tab.

If the application you wish to use is not on the list, please email to begin the vetting process.